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Latest Episode

Hello hello my spooktacular friends!
Not only did we wrap up Season 2, but we just broke 100k listens!!  To celebrate, we are going to get the cast together for another Season Wrap Interview, but this time, we’ll be doing it LIVE on Twitch!  
Saturday August 6th, starting at 8pm EST, we will have the majority of the cast streaming live as we read YOUR questions and comments, and talk about our experience with the show, and what's to come.
We will be using JD’s Twitch channel since we don’t have a dedicated channel for HHF.

Tune in to:
Sat Aug 6th
8pm EST!

And if you can’t make it, don’t worry about it, as this WILL be uploaded to all of our streaming locations just like the previous one!


   The Show

Tom and Janet Miller recently inherited an old Victorian home in the quaint town of Uncanoonuc, NH, from Tom’s recently deceased grandfather. With the intent to simply restore and sell the house, with the assistance of their helpful neighbor, Lee, they embark on a shared journey with different goals. Janet sees this as an opportunity to learn new life skills, while Tom is looking at what he believes to be the Holy Grail of haunted houses. Follow their day-to-day lives, captured through the handheld recorder that Tom never leaves home without.


The concept of Haunted House Flippers goes back to 2018, when a conversational joke between creator JD Lauriat and a co-worker sparked an ongoing barrage of hilarious scenes of trying to “flip” a house that was effectively haunted. JD tried for the next few years to turn this concept into something with more depth, but to no avail. He attempted a book, a TV-style script, and even a stage play, but none fit what he was looking for. He was then asked to be a guest voice actor for another podcast series, and that was when it clicked. With his background in radio broadcasting, audio production, and theater, this was the perfect avenue.

Needing only a small cast, JD then reached out to Melissa Croft and Adrian Johnson, both long time friends, writers, and actors.  With the help of some additional talented actors lending their voices, Haunted House Flippers has become more than any of them could have hoped for.


And yes, GhostGuyTom@gmail.com IS a real email address!






Producer, Writer

Voice of Tom Miller

Co-Writer, Graphic Design

Voice of Lee Edward Edwards

Co-Writer, Social Media

Voice of Janet Miller


Rick Croft:  Louis

Mike Gagne:  Sheriff Robert Ross

Leslie Richard:  Cilantro, Sandy/Andi, Ghost Voices

Dawn Beland:  Dr. Edna Martin, Opal Jonsiet

Journee LaFond:  Juniper Jonsiet

Aussie:  Big Daddy Liam

Ilkka Eskelinen

Matt Brides

Ellis Prybylski

Jay Prybylski

Mark Pearson


Friends of Haunted House Flippers